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Register Canadian Domain Name News

Canadian company GVE Global Vision Inc tries reverse domain name hijacking
A Canadian company has been found to have engaged in reverse ... arguing that the UK company SDB Organisation Limited was cybersquatting with the domain name. SDB registered the domain name in 1995, about 23 years ago. This is before GVE Global Vision ...

Domain-name cybersquatters may be inevitable, but paying their ransoms doesn’t have to be
Litigation may be time-consuming and costly, but domain name squatters are not worthy of a ... non-Canadian brand owners to learn that they must have a Canadian presence as a condition of registering a .ca domain. This presence is most often satisfied ...

FTC settles suit against Canadian domain name scammers
A group of Canadian con artists caught scamming US individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations for millions in phony domain registration and search ... A Toronto-based company going by the name of Internet Listing Service sent fake invoices ...

Canadian website domains allowed to include French accents
On Sunday, the Canadian Internet Registration ... a .ca domain in French for the first time. In a statement on the CIRA website, the organization says the process was complex because of the variations in characters for some domain names, and a number ...

An Overview On The Domain Names Sector
My findings and personal opinions in respect of value on some companies belonging to the domain names sector. Value opinion on the domain names sector ... TCX): a Canadian company which provides services that help people in domain name registration ...

Court bars Canadian domain slammer
In 2002 domain name registrar (no relation) won a preliminary injunction against its Canadian competitor for alleged 'domain name slamming'. Last year, Dutch hosting provider Deinternetman pondered legal action against Domain Registry of ...

Canadian rock band The Tea Party may make millions selling domain name
This website is owned by the defunct Canadian rock band, The Tea Party. They registered the domain name in 1993 and while it is rarely updated now, it has been changed to say, "No politics . . . Just Rock and Roll" in big letters. Despite it not being ...

Canadian Cloud Hosting Provider LayerOnline to Introduce .SX Domain Registration
What this means is that anyone can register a Domain Name ending with .SX without any restriction or requirement for local presence on the island. “.SX” is also the ideal Domain Name that highlights the adult industry. The Canada cloud hosting company ...

Canamex Gold : GOLDUSA Security Token Offering – Minimum Subscription Increase – ChainDelivery™ Registered Trademark Approved
The Agreements secure the exclusive rights to various Ethereum Token domain names ... minerals explorations sector, for Canadian listed companies.' About the Company Canamex Gold Corp. is a public listed company registered in British Columbia, Canada ...

Canadian company accused of using the new ‘. sucks’ domain name to extort celebrities and companies seeking to protect their public brands
THE body that regulates internet addresses is checking to see if it can crack down on a Canadian company accused of using ... Companies like register some domain names for just $1 a year, and Vox Populi will offer consumers the right to secure ...

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