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Recently Expired Domain Name News

GoDaddy tests new lander for expired domain names
Check out the landing page you see if you visit, which recently expired and is up for auction at GoDaddy: Gone are the parked page ads and other promotions for GoDaddy. Instead it’s a dedicate...

Security Breach: Here's How Expired Domains Expose You To Embarrassment (And Theft)
Expired domains ... to scan all newly expired domain names to check to see if they’re connected with Google Apps. Megamark16 chimed in, saying, “It took me about 10 minutes to write a python script th...

Is Cybersquatting Against the Law?
Indeed, there’s a whole industry of so-called domain “tasting,” whereby companies buy up recently expired domain names, test their traffic ratings, and estimate their profitability. (Sites like SnapNa...

Relevant Expired Domain Names
When you have a developed website and are looking for ways to grow your traffic and rankings, redirecting (via 301 redirect) related, expired domain names is a good way to ... a...

The Triple Jeopardy of a Chinese Math Prodigy
The Justice Ministry doesn’t keep precise statistics on private prosecutions; senior British judges have said they’ve noticed an increase recently, as state agencies ... and the family name is part of ...

1&1 sends expired domain names to Sedo
Domain name registrar 1&1 has begun sending expired domain names to Sedo as a preliminary stop ... However, the companies just recently started working more closely together. 1&1 didn’t join Sedo’s af...

Best Practices For Corporate Domain Name Management
Here is an example of a particularly egregious corporate domain name foul-up: Torrent Pharma, an Indian pharmaceutical company, recently sent out ... in mind as I present some best practices for Corpo...

How to Renew a Cancelled GoDaddy Domain
Maintaining control over your company's domain name is essential to controlling your online brand. If your company has recently let its domain lapse, take advantage of GoDaddy's Expired Domains recove...

RIP OAPL: An Academic Publisher Vanishes (UPDATED)
Now, the OAPL website hosts nothing more than a ‘domain name expired’ message and a series of links to ... I’m no expert on ethics – unlike, say, Waseem Jerjes, who recently edited a book about “Resea...

After FBI domain expires, seized serves up porn
As soon as they expired, they were snatched up in a GoDaddy auction by a self-described "black hat SEO marketer," a British ex-pat who calls himself "Earl Grey." As of Thursday afternoon, all of the s...

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