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19 end user domain sales up to $150,000 $5,000 – Mac Neil Automotive Products ... €3,000 – This domain name is now owned by a French company who operates campsites and recreational parks in France and Spain. ...

Beware this iPhone Safari scam that’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to spot
Hackers could use this to create fake versions of any site with the letter "d" in the domain name. To the naked eye ... use the Watch app on your iPhone And to update your Mac computer, check in the u...

Latest News And Web Hosting Review
cloud web hosting and privacy protection to the domain name, website design and development to their various clients, especially for Mac users. It also offers a technical support 24×7 via live chat, t...

New app speeds up your internet and protects your privacy on iPhone or Android
A DNS or domain name system is often called the phone book for the internet ... Bonus: How to set up Cloudflare's DNS server on a PC or Mac Cloudflare can be also accessed by changing your computer's ...

Mariah Carey Is The Master Of Her Own Domain On Caution
a soundtrack for a film of the same name, I Am... Sasha Fierce Was Beyoncé's Worst Album 2018 marks 10 years since the release of Beyoncé’s third solo studio album, I Am… Sasha Fierce. In introducing ...

Is Your VPN Leaking?
The internet domain name system (DNS) is what makes IP addresses ... Proton Technologies also offers ProtonVPN for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android. There is a tier of service that's free forever ...

GEEK: A little bit of Internet sleuthing goes a long way
Question: A family member has engaged a company called to help with a supposed malware problem with their Mac. The user runs MalwareBytes ... their site over at Thei...

Identify Best Website Hosting Package
Domain name will come under one of the crucial factors ... Just go to the download page for windows hardware or download .jar file if executing it on Linux or Mac. Both are available on same page of M...

Apple purchases domain name, shutting down social network currently housed there
According to a new report from TechCrunch, Apple recently acquired the domain name, one of the last remaining pieces related to iCloud that the company itself did not own. While it’s unclea...

Chumlee Threatens Legal Battle with Candy Store Man
Chumlee's in a battle for the domain name domination over his candy store ... and winning won't be as easy as taking candy from a baby. The "Pawn Stars" star had his lawyers fire off a letter to Patri...

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