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Buy And Sell Domain Name News Toys R Us has kinky domain names to sell off
Toys R Us is seeking to sell off its intellectual property, including its name, the Geoffrey the Giraffe ... a collection of sex- and anger-related domains, it's standard operating procedure for big companies to buy up these sort of names to prevent ...

Toys "R" Us Is Selling Geoffrey the Giraffe and Sex Toy Domain Names
So how did Toys “R” Us end up with these adult industry-centric URLs? It’s common practice for companies to buy up all related domain names to prevent others from hijacking or mocking the brand. With a label as iconic and versatile as the “R” Us ...

Coober Pedy Council to spend $1265 to buy back domain name opalcapitaloftheworld after forgetting to renew title
The council is negotiating with a man in Sydney to buy back the rights to the domain ... Mr Pitman said the new owner of the council’s domain name alerted the council to the oversight and has offered to sell it back to the council for $1265.

You Can Now Buy and Sell Domain Names on Google Domains
There are tons of places where you can register a domain name, but now Google's getting into the game. As you might expect, Google's registrar service is designed for ease of use and comes with a few useful tools. We’ve discussed the best web hosting ...

GDPR Your Domains For Sale? How to Keep Your Domain Name Lottery Ticket Alive
Now, if you want to play the domain name lottery, you're going to have to more actively buy a ticket, thanks to GDPR ... on a bunch of domains we don't use but aren't actively trying to sell, it's time to get up off the couch and do something.

Network Solutions Using Questionable Tactic to Sell More Domain Names
Network Solutions used to be the only place you could go to buy a .com or other domain name. Years ago they lost their monopoly rights and a flood of low priced competitors entered the market. Today Network Solutions is a distant third in market share ...

How to Design a Sales-Generating Landing Page That Attracts Traffic
Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | IndieBound ... For my sales page, I reserved the domain name I recommend picking domain names that are both relatively short and easy to remember. Each of your sales pages should ... Hackers: We’re Real Pirates & We’ll Sell Dotcom’s Domain To Universal
But while Dotcom blames the United States and entertainment company Vivendi, a group of hackers say they have taken over the domain. Speaking with TorrentFreak the ... “Shall @UMG [Universal Music] buy the domain name we will donate not 1% but ...

GoDaddy Buys Afternic To Beef Up Its Domain Registry Marketplace
GoDaddy notes that the acquisition will enable over 100 registrars (including 18 of the top-20) to offer aftermarket domain names directly to their customers. The addition of Afternic, indeed, consolidates the market for those who buy and sell domain names.

What Do I Do When Someone Has a Domain Name I Want?
Sometimes, they may even be "squatting" on these domain names hoping to make a quick buck off of you, the person that wants to buy it. Unless there's a trademark ... you might want to avoid telling them they should sell it to you because they're not ...

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