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NSTC Names Instructors of the Year
“I feel honored and humbled to be considered as one of the best instructors within the NROTC-Domain,” Arp said. “I know many instructors throughout the NROTC program, and I hold them in high regard fo...

6 students from Cordillera are TOSP national finalists
The TOSP released the names of the 30 national finalists through its social ... and other spheres of interaction. It is the domain of dedicated servant-leaders who have heeded the call of lifelong lea...

Domain Name Searches Across the World's Registries on Thomson and Thomson's Saegis Service
Thomson and Thomson (, the leading trademark research firm and producer of the Trademarkscan databases, introduced the Worldwide Domain Name Search on their Saegis onlin...

Automattic readies CrowdSignal survey platform
The company recently acquired The domain name and has registered many variants of domains ... The Goods and services are listed as: Application service provider (ASP) featuring softwar...

Create and Deploy an ASP.NET Core Web App on Azure
Before reading this article, you must read the articles below for the right ASP.NET Core knowledge. We need to host our application on a particular domain. Click on “All ... We need to give a unique n...

Spain’s Guggenheim Show Celebrates Architecture as Driving Force of Change
including the day Google registered its domain name, “Dolly” the sheep that became the first cloned living being, and chess great Gary Kasparov’s defeat to a computer. From the 1997 time-capsule punte...

Push resumes for new .xxx domain for Internet pornography
WASHINGTON (BP)--Efforts to create a .xxx domain name for pornographic websites have resumed, and conservative leaders are urging citizens to speak out against the proposal while the agency in charge ...

Lucasfilm Registers Domain Names: Gungan Frontier, Wolf Pack, And More
Domain name watcher Fusible reports that Lucasfilm has snapped up a bunch of web addresses that may contain cryptic hints at the direction of the Star Wars franchise. The following domain names were r...

Building multi-tenant ASP.NET Core Applications with the Orchard Core Framework
Although I’m using Windows, you can develop ASP.NET Core applications on Mac OS and Linux just ... You can also provide an actual domain name per tenant. This information is used during the HTTP reque...

How to Add Policy-Based Authorization to an ASP.NET Core App
ASP.NET Core bases the identity of a user on claims. A claim is a key-value pair that represents characteristics of a subject, such as name, age, passport number ... Inside the file, add the code to c...

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